Judicial Administrator

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Judicial Administrators

Preserva-Ação Administração Judicial
Escritório de Advocacia Zveiter


Americanas S.A. informs that a service channel has been made available from the appointed Judicial Administrators to clarify any inquiries creditors may have regarding the credits listed, the qualification of credits, and the judicial recovery process.

This channel follows the criteria established in the judicial recovery law and is conducted by the Judicial Administrators, Preserva-Ação Administração Judicial and Escritório de Advocacia Zveiter, which are comprised of a group of specialized lawyers for this service.

Below, we present a file with guidelines from the judicial administrator regarding this process and the list of creditors presented in the judicial review process on 01/24/2022. (click here to access it)

For access to the exclusive Service Channel of Americanas S.A. – Em Recuperação Judicial: ajamericanas@psvar.com.br or through the website https://psvar.com.br/