Our Brands

Americanas sa adopts a unique approach in serving its customers, offering a physical platform with different store formats, in addition to having a digital platform, with various brands, seeking to be capable of delivering the best omnichannel consumer experience in Brazil, offering agility, receptiveness, trust, efficiency, diversity and competitiveness. In addition, the Company has an innovation engine to accelerate its platforms, build disruptive businesses and leverage different initiatives. Together, these fronts constitute the American Universe, which is unique, flexible and resilient.


The biggest store. With the lowest prices

Americanas.com is the largest Brazilian online store with millions of products available in more than 40 categories. Chosen by customers as the # 1 customer service and most beloved store on the internet, Americanas.com offers the best shopping experience and several delivery options to customers. The brand is democratic, inclusive and present in the daily lives of Brazilians. Customers can buy through the website, app or at kiosks installed in the stores and receive their products at home or in more than 1,700 Lojas Americanas, spread across the country.



The products you like and the best service on the internet.

Submarino is a digital brand, reference in books, games, technology and entertainment. The goal of the brand is to bring the best experience to customers, through the main subjects that happen on the internet and the biggest launches, always with quality content and curatorship done by those who understand the subject! In addition, our website and app have agile navigation to enhance our shopping experience and the search for new products.



Exclusive products and live demonstrations

Shoptime is the largest home shopping channel in Latin America. Specialized in the demonstration of live products, it is on the air 24 hours every day, bringing customers content and entertainment. Shoptime offers exclusive items and practical solutions for everyday life with its own brands Casa & Conforto (bed, table and bath), Fun Kitchen (small appliances), La Cuisine (housewares) and Life Zone (sports and leisure).



It’s cheaper at Soub!

Sou Barato is the best option when the customer is looking for a great shopping opportunity. Perfect for people searching for a good bargain or something new, Soub offers products at a price that everyone can afford. Customers can choose between international products, products that were repackaged and used ones, always with the smallest price. Soub! has more than 70 million offers, with fast and guaranteed delivery throughout Brazil, whether the product is national or imported.


Americanas Empresas is the B2B sales e-commerce of Americanas S.A., created to facilitate the shopping experience for businesses of all sizes and segments. It is the main digital channel for business purchases in the country and has everything companies need in one place: exclusive conditions, the best brands and products, integrations with purchasing systems and dedicated service to companies.


Lojas Americanas in the Traditional format was the Company’s first store model. With an average sales area of​​1,000 m², they have automatic stock replenishment and an assortment of up to 60,000 items.


The Americanas Express format, created in 2001, was conceived according to the “neighborhood concept”. The stores have an average sales area of​​400 m², just-in-time logistics and an assortment of up to 15,000 items.

Convenience stores, Local, were conceived in 2017 seeking to be even more present in the daily lives of customers. The stores have an average sales area of​​100 m², daily stock replacement and 80% of the product mix aimed at food convenience and an assortment of up to 3,000 items;


Ame Go, created in 2019, allows customers to purchase products without a queue and without a checkout, autonomously, with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision. The stores have an average sales area of ​​50 m² and an assortment aimed at convenience.


The Digital store format consists of stores with an average sales area of​​70 m², around 70% of the product mix comprising consumer electronics, with a focus also on offering services and O2O.


Ame, fintech and mobile business platform, is one of IF’s first initiatives and has been revolutionizing the way people handle money. The number of app downloads has already surpassed 17 million, allowing customers to pay for their purchases with the app on all websites, in 3 million establishments and in 1,707 Americanas across the country.


LET’S is also one of the initiatives of our innovation engine. LET’S is the shared management platform for the logistics and distribution assets of Universo Americanas, which aims to optimize the integration of physical and digital platforms through a flexible model from receipt of the order to delivery. This brings us important operational synergies, important synergies and optimizes the customer experience.


+AQUI is the platform responsible for the management and promotion of Americanas services, offering customers solutions in the credit, insurance, content cards, services and assisted sales verticals. In order to provide credit, protect assets and exceed customer expectations with excellent service, +AQUI seeks partnerships with specialized companies that stand out in their sectors of activity, expanding the portfolio of services and ensuring solutions for the various demands.