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Sustainability Report


Environmental management

Our environmental management is committed to sustainable development, seeking to reduce impacts on the environment and balance social responsibility and economic development, with a focus on efficient consumption of natural resources, waste management and reduction, adaptation and mitigation of climate change. We manage and monitor the main environmental indicators, seeking to reduce consumption and use resources more efficiently, in accordance with our Sustainability Policy. Our initiatives include accounting for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, offsetting GHG emissions – We have become a company with “carbon neutral” operations and eco-efficiency initiatives.


We believe that engaging our employees, customers, and other partners in sustainable development initiatives helps to maximize the positive impact of the business. We participate in several initiatives, such as partnerships with NGOs for donations, the corporate volunteer program, Vivenciar – Conexões Transformadoras, which contribute to the development of a fairer and more egalitarian society. At the same time, we raise awareness among employees through various social experiences and cultural experiences experienced in the program and the carrying out of awareness campaigns internally and externally on important topics throughout the year.

Social Projects

In line with the Universal Principles of the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations (UN), we make investments in social projects, donations, and cultural sponsorship that aim to collaborate and develop a sustainable society, balancing environmental, social, and economic pillars. Among the initiatives through incentive laws, we have the Books in the Squares library bus project, the Todo Mundo Vai Circuit, which focuses on encouraging quality of life and well-being through physical exercise, and the Grael Project, in conjunction with the Rumo Náutico Institute – Grael Project. We also maintain support for social projects sponsored by the Social and Environmental Stock Exchange (BVSA), of B3 Investimento Social. The initiatives focused on the themes of education, professional training, income generation and gender equality. In 2019, 11 projects were accelerated in partnership with Instituto Rumo Náutico – Projeto Grael, Galpão Aplauso and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS).

Awards and Recognition

We were selected for the sixth consecutive time to be part of the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), a tool that makes a comparative analysis of the performance of companies listed on B3 from the perspective of corporate sustainability, based on economic efficiency, environmental balance, social justice and corporate governance. For the second consecutive year, we were listed in the Exame Sustainability Guide, which recognizes the most sustainable companies in the country. For the sixth consecutive year, we were awarded the green seal in the Chico Mendes Socioenvironmental Award, which identifies and highlights companies that present initiatives focused on economic and social development and environmental balance.

Value Chain

Suppliers: We promote the dissemination of principles of protection and enhancement of Human Rights with our partners in the fight against any practice that does not respect the Principle of Human Dignity in the value production chain. Our suppliers must adopt strict quality and labeling standards, in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct and our Supplier Policy.

Sellers: Through our marketplace, we generate a positive impact by often allowing small entrepreneurs to develop their businesses relying on the reputation of our brands. One initiative is the marketplace “Jirau da Amazônia” in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), on the website, where artisans and entrepreneurs from traditional and indigenous populations of the interior of the Amazon can market their products throughout Brazil with 100% of the sale reverted to the development of the project.